Verordeningvan devrije drones


Which drones are concerned?

All drones you find on Midrone are considered recreational drones. It is important to remember at each flight that the person in charge is the one behind the controls. Be responsible and focus on safety for those around you.


If you intend to buy a MIDRONE, a Class A drone, it is not necessary to pass a license (in France). This type of license  is reserved for professional pilots who use a category B drone.For the moment, there is no authorization required to start as a casual pilot with a recreational drone but you will still have to follow certain rules to ensure your safety and that of those around you.

Rules of use: what you need to know

I do not fly over people

I use my drone taking care not to endanger people and vehicles nearby. I do not fly over them and keep a minimum safe distance. I stay well away from any gathering of people.

I respect the maximum flight heights

Outside authorized aeromodelling sites, the maximum height of evolution is fixed at 150 meters by default but it is lower at the vicinity of aerodromes and in certain training zones of the military aviation during their activation schedules. I always respect these maximum heights in order to limit the risks of collision between my drone and an aircraft. Before any flight, I check the maximum height allowed where I want to maneuver my drone with the local authorities. In all cases, I do not undertake a flight or I interrupt a flight in progress, if an aircraft is nearby.

I never lose sight of my drone and do not use it at night

I keep my drone at such a distance that it remains easily visible to the naked eye and I keep it at all times in my field of vision. Immersion flights (with VR glasses) and the use of tracking drones are however possible under certain conditions, including the presence of a second person to ensure safety. In addition, to ensure the safety of aircraft flying at low altitude, such as helicopters carrying out rescue operations, the regulations prohibit the use of drones at night, even if they are equipped with lighting devices.

I do not fly my drone over the public space in built-up areas

In built-up areas, the overflight of my private area with a small drone and no public presence is possible, subject to respecting a speed and a maximum height adapted to the immediate environment (buildings, trees, …) and to limit the risks in the event of loss of control. I do not use my drone above the public space.

I do not use my drone near aerodromes

I do not use my drone near any airfield that can accommodate airplanes, helicopters, gliders, microlights, etc. Minimum distances of distance must be respected and can reach 10 km for the most important aerodromes.

I do not fly over sensitive sites

Some sensitive or protected sites and their surroundings are prohibited from overflight. Examples include nuclear power plants, military sites, historic monuments, and nature reserves and national parks. I inquire about the existence of such sites before undertaking a flight.

I respect the privacy of others

The people around me and my drone must be informed of what I am doing, especially if my drone is equipped with a camera or any other sensor that can record data about them. I inform those present, answer their questions and respect their right to privacy. I refrain from recording images to recognize or identify people (faces, license plates …) without their authorization.

I do not broadcast my shots without the consent of the people involved and I do not use them commercially

Any image distribution must be authorized by the persons concerned or the owner in the case of a private area (house, garden, etc.) and must comply with the legislation in force (please refer to your local authorities). Any use of drone whose objective is the acquisition of shots for commercial or professional exploitation is subject to specific requirements and requires the possession of authorizations issued by the General management of Civil Aviation.

I check under which conditions I am insured for the practice of this activity

My liability may be incurred for damage to other aircraft, people and property on the surface. If I have not taken out specific insurance, I check the clauses of my civil liability policy.


Les endroits où je peux utiliser mon drone de loisir